Northgate replace dancer due to slight run-in with the law

Martin Getting his Collar Felt

Martin Getting his Collar Felt

Following the surprise arrest of their squire on charges of Chip Pilfering (an obscure crime dating back to the nineteenth century), Northgate decided to forget about him and move on temporarily replace him with another dancer.

Having trained up said dancer, they will now try him out on a crawl this very Wednesday around the pubs of Bath.

Details are yet to be entirely finalised, but keep on eye on Facebook or Twitter for details as they emerge!

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One new team and only one broken dancer: training day considered a success!

A Broken Dancer

A Broken Dancer

Yesterday, Northgate travelled across the perilous straits of the River Severn from England to Wales to give the lads and lasses of Taff Rapper an introduction to the gentle art of rapper dancing. They seemed very pleased to get their hands on our shafts and threw themselves into things with vim and vigour. In fact, one of them got so carried away with excitement that she threw herself head first at the floor. Twice. We’ve hidden her identity in the picture to protect her from ridicule.

But apart from breaking Minnie, everything else seemed to go very well and the team looks like it’s going from strength to strength.

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A foreign cultural exchange: Northgate go teaching in Wales

Taff Rapper logo

It’s only one more sleep until we travel across the water to Wales where we shall spend the day teaching our Celtic cousins the way of the sword. We expect much in the way of enthusiasm, dedication and laverbread and offer little in return but cold, hard steel and years of bitter experience.

If you’re at a loose end in Cardiff tomorrow, pop along to the Owain Glyndwr pub and take your sword firmly in hand. It might just change your life.

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Northgate: sword dancing zombie apocalypse forces social silence


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie rapper dancer in possession of brains must be in want of more brains, or so said Jane Austen in Bath the other day.

No side has more experience of this than us, as this photo from 2002 demonstrates. Having consumed the brains of the rest of the side, we were reduced to searching for young virgins from the audience to dance with. Sadly, we had to make do with members of InSword Rapper.

Anyway, the upshot of all this verbal chicanery is that we’ve been too busy to update our so-called social stuff recently. Sorry. We must try harder. We really have been busy though, and might even find time to tell you about it soon.

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Northgate to crawl Bath again. Police dragnet closing in.

Chippy Martin Getting his Collar Felt

Chippy Martin Getting his Collar Felt

Northgate are once again planning to risk their freedom by appearing in the pubs of Bath next Wednesday, despite the increasing likelihood of being grabbed by the fuzz as they dance.

Following the shenanigans of our last crawl, it is believed that notorious thief “Chippy Martin” will be present which will only serve to heighten tensions between the team and the local constabulary.

We can only hope they don’t track us down until we’ve finished our exhilarating examples of dancing derring-do.

If you are a fan of grown men playing with swords, or even of watching potatoes being pilfered, come along and join us. We’re starting in The Bell on Walcot Street on Wednesday the 5th March at 8 o’clock.

And please, bring along a cake with a file in it.

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CSI Bath: Evidence of theft during Northgate dance

A miscreant caught mid-crime

A miscreant caught mid-crime

We here in CSI Bath take sword-dancing pub crawls very seriously indeed and always follow up any allegations of theft during such dances. It was been brought to our attention that Northgate Rapper intended to commit a crawl last Wednesday and that furthermore one of their number PLANNED TO STEAL A CHIP during a dance.

Naturally, we put our best investigator on the case and she caught the egregious act on camera. The evidence is irrefutable and the perpetrator will be punished.

If you’d like to see this vicious retribution, join us for practice tonight. See Facebook for details. Just keep an eye on your chips.

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Crawl this Wednesday, Bath Brew House at 8. Gaze in wonder at our swords!


Yes, the boys from Bath are heading into our home town for a wet winter’s wander around the beautiful bits of Bath. We start at the Bath Brew House at 8pm, after which we will travel who knows where*?

(*) Brian does, because he’s arranged this. For the rest of us, it’ll be a lovely surprise.

Keep an eye on Twitter @northgaterapper for details.

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Northgate Rapper enlist new technology to improve their dancing. Something’s gotta work!

A cracking practice last night!

Lots of tumbles, 7 dancers but sadly no Henry.

We enlisted Edwin’s new iphone app, called SloPro, to video the dance in slow motion. This worked a treat, even with Jack’s Luddite tendencies.

The video was then played back and shows areas for improvement. The rapper sword dance is performed at at least 160 bpm and small mistakes or “out of positions” can’t be easily seen.

Check out Northgate’s SloPro tumble below!

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Northgate Practice: Dare to Dance with Dangerous Daggers!

minecraft_swordIt’s coming up to Wednesday so it’s time for all good men and true to come to the aid of the team.

Practice is at 8pm at the normal place in Bath. If you fancy coming along, drop us a note (Facebook is pretty good for this).

We’ll even supply the swords. Minecraft equipment not required.

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Northgate practices resume: resolve to use Blades of Death!

Look, we’ve had quite enough time off, sitting in pubs drinking silly amounts of beer and whisky. eating peanuts and unexpected cake, and on the whole not dancing very much. It’s time for that to change.

swords and beer

Oh yes, Northgate are back with a vengeance (or at least with a post-Christmas beer gut) and will be practising on Wednesday 8th January in St John’s Church Hall near Cleveland Bridge in the beautiful Georgian City of Bath.

And what better way to start the new year than by sticking to your resolution of dancing with Blades of Death?

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