Northgate grow up (by one new recruit)

Northgate tick!

A good practice, two crawls planned and a new recruit; now that is an evening well seized. Hurrah for us. We’re just, like, so cool sometimes.

So welcome Paul, our latest recruit, who picked up the basics in remarkably quick time.

We’ll all be meeting again for another practice next Wednesday,  same time, same place. Join us.


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Northgate return to practice!



After a longer than usual summer break, the lads of Northgate return from festivals and foreign climes to once more threaten the peace of Bath. Practice resumes! We are risen!

We’ll be meeting tonight in the church hall of St John The Baptist, St John’s Road, BATH, BA2 6PT. It’s by the Fire Station.

Join us… if you dare.

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It Ain’t Half Hot Mum: Northgate crawl despite intense heat

Northgate in a spin

Northgate melt into one due to the heat

The temperature was just over 28 degrees when we began our tour of Bath on Wednesday, and it didn’t drop much during the night.

Despite the intense heat, we managed seven dances in six pubs, each one performed with our customary vigour and spunk.

And to top off this wonderful crawl, we had our very own Oxford scholar return for a special guest appearance and we were joined by a load of groupies, one of whom was very disappointed that we weren’t wearing our new summer kit after all.

Oh yes, and Edwin got injured by a sword. Luckily, he didn’t make a fuss about it.

Edwin suffering manfully

Edwin suffering manfully

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Summer crawl on Wednesday: new kit on show?

Northgate try new summer kit

Northgate try their new summer kit

Northgate are going on a short, summer crawl in Bath this Wednesday evening, starting at the delightful Royal Oak on the Lower Bristol Road at 19:45 before before heading into town via the Hop Pole and the Kings Arms.

If the weather remains exceptionally hot, there’s a chance we may be showing off our latest contender for new kit. However, there is some disagreement as to how suitable this design will be for dancing at other times of the year. Time will tell.

Find out more here.

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Northgate demo potential new kit

New kit

Handsome models show off proposed new kit

After many years of dancing in our trademark green hoggers and gold sashes, Northgate are considering a new look.

We see here one of the proposals in a restful lilac colour along with the traditional sword dancing tank tops and folk ties, which shows a forward-looking formality with a knowing nod to our history.

It is modelled by Martin along with his younger helper but, as you may be able to see if you look very closely, it is not a current photo.

Oh yes, and we’re practising this Wednesday in Bath. Find us on Facebook for details.

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Northgate memories of Glastonbury

It’s nice to see rapper appearing at Glastonbury as part of the Demon Barbers show, and if you’re going, make sure you see them! Even the BBC are recommending them. However, they’re not the first rapper team to appear at the festival.

Dancing on the Bandstand Stage

Northgate on the Bandstand Stage

Way back in 1998, Northgate were invited to appear and, despite the fact that Martin’s daughter was but three days old, we duly pitched up and did ourselves proud on the Bandstand Stage and elsewhere, albeit having to dance in wellies due to the flooding.

We were memorably rewarded by Julian Temperley himself with hot, spiced cider before our rather exciting exit, which involved Ron and Martin on the bonnet of a borrowed car, holding on for dear life and weighing down the wheels as Ashley reversed us at ludicrous speeds across fields of liquid mud, overtaking the lesser 4x4s as they spun their wheels in muddy futility, sinking deeper into the ground with each attempt.

A dodgy lock in a festival bar. We'd been there a while...

A pretty dodgy lock in a festival bar. We’d been there a while by now

We went back the next couple of years too, and jolly good fun it was too as we moved between the bars and stages, dancing wherever the fancy took us.

So good luck to the Demon Barbers. Get rapper into a Metallica mosh pit and you will be heroes to us all.


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Northgate return from early summer holidays

Northgate return from a well-earned rest

Northgate return from a well-earned rest

Yes indeed, Northgate are back!

We’ve been on a well-earned but unplanned break due to early summer holidays and people swanning off to foreign climes. Like London.

And so we rise once more and, rubbing the sleep from our eyes and scrubbing the dirt from under our fingernails, we return to our regular Wednesday practices in Bath at 8pm.

Contact us through Facebook if you’re man enough to join in!

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Northgate dolls to be made available

Top quality CGI rendition of Little Dave

Top quality CGI rendition of Little Dave

Not that sort of doll. The prototype Inflatable Sword Dancer never really worked, so don’t get your hopes up.

No, what we’re talking about now is an initiative by the splendid Museum of British Folklore who are creating a collection of figures representing morris and sword sides from across the country. They send out naked figures, the sides dress them in their kit and send them back. Rumour has it that our little figure (let’s call him Little Dave) will be posted out very soon indeed, so it’s time to break out the sewing kits and get seamstressing.

If you’d like to see the real thing and not just some toyish substitute, get down to our weekly practices. See us on Facebook for more details.

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Northgate sell out to advertising: Kerr and Fagan in a pub!

Royal Oak FolkWe don’t normally do adverts but our favourite musical duo, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, are headlining a splendid day of music at the Royal Oak in Bath. As well as them, there’s a superb lineup ranging from Gren Bartley to our very own Tim Graham.

How can you resist?

You can’t.

It all kicks off at half past three this afternoon and runs right through until closing time. See you there!

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Northgate practice to be inspired by Some History

Martin discovers Some History

It is often said that we should all live in the moment, treat every second as if it were our last and look forward, not back. However, this is misguided and would remove the opportunity to find inspiration in Some History.

Recently, Martin discovered Some History. The moment is captured forever in this picture where we can all clearly see the inspiration which has overcome him.

And the whole team has been inspired by this and we will redouble our efforts at this Wednesday’s practice. Come along and see not only Some History, but also The Future. Find us at St John’s Church Hall in Bath at 8pm.




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