Wales, here we come!

The Big Pit, Blaenavon

Last year, the Blaenavon Dance on the Mountain Festival invited us to cross the icy waters of the Severn and penetrate the spectacular valleys and mountains of South Wales to join them in a joyous day of dance. And what a time we had! Dances were danced, chips were scoffed, and shoes were first broken then mended using really big nails. Oh yes, and we may have danced in some pubs and run an impromptu workshop. Well, they clearly enjoyed what we did and have invited us back, so tomorrow we head west once more! Except Edwin, who’ll head vaguely northwards.

We’ll be appearing on the main stage just after noon (there’s probably an accurate plan, but I don’t know where that is), and running a workshop there a bit later in the afternoon, and we’ll visit the local pubs to fill the time in between.

And if we have time, we’ll be popping down the Big Pit, and trying to dance our traditional miners’ dance in an actual mine, because it seems like a good idea.

So, if you’re in any part of South Wales tomorrow, from Cardiff to Tenby, from Porthcawl to Builth Wells, get yourselves down to Blaenavon for a day of swordsmanship like you’ve (possibly) never seen before.

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Poor Timing Means We’ll Miss Eurovision

About a year ago, we were approached by someone who’d just watched us dancing at a ceilidh spot, and asked if we’d dance at her wedding. We said yes on the spot, of course.

However, we neglected to check the date, and have only just realised that it clashes with the Eurovision Song Contest! Now, we normally keep this weekend free so we can watch this display of wonderful European music, and despite asking nicely, the happy couple wouldn’t reschedule the wedding. I know, we couldn’t understand their glib attitude either. Perhaps they’re recording it to watch later.

Anyway, the upshot is we’ll be dancing at a wedding tonight, which is exciting. If you want to come and see us, you have about six hours to befriend the bride and groom and get an invitation.

If you can’t do that, then remember that next weekend we’ll be appearing at the brilliant Chippenham Folk Festival. More details of this soon.

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Northgate Rapper do well at DERT 2019, and announce the date of Bath Time

After literally hours of practice, the plucky Northgate Rapper throng teamed up with new kids on the block, Sulis Rapper, to take the South West Fun Bus up to the home of rapper. Newcastle. The event? DERT 2019.

The foolhardy teams allowed Martin and Edwin to drive them in relative comfort all the way past Nottingham, to the North! Three stops, 327 miles, and 6 hours later, they arrived at their budget accommodation: Stag Night Central.

by Emily Eastwood

Early on Saturday morning, Northgate donned their freshly pressed kit and highly polished shoes, to take part in the competition. And boy did they dance their socks off! With a new Tommy in tow, the boys done good to the tunes of Rhianne and Peter. Highlights were second place in The Spotlight competition (just 0.6 marks behind the Newcastle Kingsmen no less) and 6th place out of 22 for the virgin Tommy! They even returned with a certificate, the keeping of which will no doubt result in many arguments.

All in all, DERT 2019 was a great success for Northgate, and Lincoln in 2020 is keenly awaited with some sense of anticipation.

Bath Time 2019

Northgate Rapper are proud to announce the date of, and a general invitation to participate in, Bath Time, that locally renowned and regionally revered sword event held annually in said Georgian city every October.

Martin’s bathroom (not really, from Frontline Bathrooms)

The date is Saturday 26th October, and will start at around 11am. The dancing takes place in some of Bath’s finest (and smallest) pubs with lots of dancing, lots of beer, and lots of gin. It will finish early evening with a certain amount of cake, provided by all teams who dare to come along.

Further details will follow in due course, but please consider this an open invitation for any rapper team to come and join us.

Register your interest by getting in touch through the website or Facebook.

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Bristol Crawl tonight!

The White Rabbit

We’ve been a bit quiet lately, but that’s because we’ve been putting a lot of effort into our pool playing practise in our new home pub.

Indeed, we’ve been so very busy that we forgot to tell you that we’re going on a crawl around Bristol tonight! Oops.

There are some details and a bit of a plan below but, as you will no doubt be aware, we’re unlikely to keep to it.

The Plan (such as it is)

We start at 19:30, in the splendid White Rabbit in Clifton. Thence:

Quinton House
Hope and Anchor
Bag of Nails
Three Tuns

… and then, mystery! We may head into town towards King Street, or into Hotwells towards the Nova Scotia and the Tobacco Factory. Who knows?

Do You Have Any Exciting Guests?

Not this one.

Why, yes we do! We’re being joined by a Mystery Belgian. How exciting.

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We have a new home!

We have a new home, and it really is a proper, local boozer!

It is the Devonshire Arms on Wellsway in Bath, and it has an excellent floor, decent beer and very friendly staff.

The only issue we have is the lovely dangling glass light fitting that hangs in our practice room, although it has been suggested that we treat it as a thing to be avoided. We are not convinced, but might just give it a go.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We’re taking a little break to eat mince pies, watch Die Hard and generally enjoy the hell out of Yuletime. See you in the new year!

Have you been good?

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Mabel Day today: Oxford, lock up your lighbulbs

Target acquired

This is just a very quick update because we’re getting ready for our yearly trip to Oxford for the amazing Mabel Day.

This year will be different though: we have been practising hard. Not the dances, oh no, but by popular request we’ve been working out how to dance without breaking light bulbs. It’s not been going well.

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Bath Time 2018 – it’s here!

Finally, it’s here! Bath Time 2018 kick off today in The Bell at noon, before heading out into a plethora of perfect pubs this afternoon.

Come along, gasp in amazement at the flashing blades of death and splattering blood, and buy us a drink.

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Bath Time – “Final” plan revealed! And it’s tomorrow!


Oh, how very exciting: Bath Time is tomorrow, and here is the “final” map showing the crawls! And more than that, we’re even giving you a list of who is dancing where.

We’re spoiling you, you know that right?

The important things to note are that we start and end at the same pub, the splendid Bell in Walcot Street, and everyone will dance there both times. Not at the same time though: that’s clearly just poor use of language and would just be silly, and if there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s not being silly.

And breaking lights. We’re known for breaking lights, too.

Anyway, back to the day itself: we’ll be meeting at the Bell at 11:30, and everyone will be dancing from noon onwards (see above for disclaimer on our sloppy language here). After this, we’re splitting into two groups, each of which will go on a delightful and unstressful crawl around the pubs of Bath, before meeting up again at the Bell where everyone will dance once more (see above for running joke).

So who’s dancing where?

12:00 Bell Everyone
13:00 Pig and Fiddle Northgate, Mabels, Sharpshins Saracens Head Locksided, Sulis, Sallyport
Trinity Northgate, Mabels, Sharpshins Griffin Locksided, Sulis, Sallyport
New Inn Locksided, Mabels, Sharpshins Bath Brew House Northgate, Sulis, Sallyport
15:00 Salamander Locksided, Mabels, Sharpshins Raven Northgate, Sulis, Sallyport
Old Green Tree Locksided, Mabels, Sharpshins Star Northgate, Sulis, Sallyport
16:00 Bell Everyone

Notice the timings: the only ones which are fixed are the starting times and the 3pm one: because of the rugby, these pubs cannot be danced in until then. Ooh, planning!

Wait a minute: you said “final” with quotes around it. Why?

Have you met us?

Fair enough. Where can we find more information?

Follow the event on Facebook. There may even be updates on the day, and perhaps even on Twitter. Look out for #BathTime2018, just in case we bother to use it.

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Bath Time 2018 – The countdown continues!

Bath Time

Us on telly

Bath Time 2018 is nearly upon us, with just two days to go until six teams come up to three hundred miles to dance in eleven pubs over seven hours. The countdown continues!

And that gives us the chance to steal Tom Chafer-Cook’s thunder and appear on Countdown ourselves! It’s all very exciting.

Do you have any news on who dances where?

Yes indeed we have.


Oh right. OK, so:

Crawl 1 comprises Shropshire Sharpshins and Mabel Gubbins.

Crawl 2 is made up of Sallyport and Sulis.

What of Northgate and Locksided?

Good question! Well, to give us chance to dance with all the teams, Northgate will spend the first two dances on Crawl 1, and the rest with Crawl 2. Locksided will, to keep the balance, do similar but opposite.

Is that not unnecessarily complicated?

Yes. But if you’re going to force us to make a plan, we’ll overdo it.

And when are you starting?

Oh, by Hawking’s Wheelchair, pay attention! Noon in the Bell, on Saturday. Follow the event on Facebook.

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