Mabel Day today: Oxford, lock up your lighbulbs

Target acquired

This is just a very quick update because we’re getting ready for our yearly trip to Oxford for the amazing Mabel Day.

This year will be different though: we have been practising hard. Not the dances, oh no, but by popular request we’ve been working out how to dance without breaking light bulbs. It’s not been going well.

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Bath Time 2018 – it’s here!

Finally, it’s here! Bath Time 2018 kick off today in The Bell at noon, before heading out into a plethora of perfect pubs this afternoon.

Come along, gasp in amazement at the flashing blades of death and splattering blood, and buy us a drink.

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Bath Time – “Final” plan revealed! And it’s tomorrow!


Oh, how very exciting: Bath Time is tomorrow, and here is the “final” map showing the crawls! And more than that, we’re even giving you a list of who is dancing where.

We’re spoiling you, you know that right?

The important things to note are that we start and end at the same pub, the splendid Bell in Walcot Street, and everyone will dance there both times. Not at the same time though: that’s clearly just poor use of language and would just be silly, and if there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s not being silly.

And breaking lights. We’re known for breaking lights, too.

Anyway, back to the day itself: we’ll be meeting at the Bell at 11:30, and everyone will be dancing from noon onwards (see above for disclaimer on our sloppy language here). After this, we’re splitting into two groups, each of which will go on a delightful and unstressful crawl around the pubs of Bath, before meeting up again at the Bell where everyone will dance once more (see above for running joke).

So who’s dancing where?

12:00 Bell Everyone
13:00 Pig and Fiddle Northgate, Mabels, Sharpshins Saracens Head Locksided, Sulis, Sallyport
Trinity Northgate, Mabels, Sharpshins Griffin Locksided, Sulis, Sallyport
New Inn Locksided, Mabels, Sharpshins Bath Brew House Northgate, Sulis, Sallyport
15:00 Salamander Locksided, Mabels, Sharpshins Raven Northgate, Sulis, Sallyport
Old Green Tree Locksided, Mabels, Sharpshins Star Northgate, Sulis, Sallyport
16:00 Bell Everyone

Notice the timings: the only ones which are fixed are the starting times and the 3pm one: because of the rugby, these pubs cannot be danced in until then. Ooh, planning!

Wait a minute: you said “final” with quotes around it. Why?

Have you met us?

Fair enough. Where can we find more information?

Follow the event on Facebook. There may even be updates on the day, and perhaps even on Twitter. Look out for #BathTime2018, just in case we bother to use it.

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Bath Time 2018 – The countdown continues!

Bath Time

Us on telly

Bath Time 2018 is nearly upon us, with just two days to go until six teams come up to three hundred miles to dance in eleven pubs over seven hours. The countdown continues!

And that gives us the chance to steal Tom Chafer-Cook’s thunder and appear on Countdown ourselves! It’s all very exciting.

Do you have any news on who dances where?

Yes indeed we have.


Oh right. OK, so:

Crawl 1 comprises Shropshire Sharpshins and Mabel Gubbins.

Crawl 2 is made up of Sallyport and Sulis.

What of Northgate and Locksided?

Good question! Well, to give us chance to dance with all the teams, Northgate will spend the first two dances on Crawl 1, and the rest with Crawl 2. Locksided will, to keep the balance, do similar but opposite.

Is that not unnecessarily complicated?

Yes. But if you’re going to force us to make a plan, we’ll overdo it.

And when are you starting?

Oh, by Hawking’s Wheelchair, pay attention! Noon in the Bell, on Saturday. Follow the event on Facebook.

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Bath Time 2018 – this time with cake!

Unamusing cake pun

An unamusing cake pun

A mere five days separate us from the splendid fun of Bath Time 2018 on Saturday 27 October! Can we wait? Will we cope with the anticipation?

Well, yes, obviously. I mean, we have no choice.

As a reminder of things we’ve already told you, and you’ve already forgotten, we’re starting at noon in The Bell, then heading out on two perfectly-honed crawls round many of our favourite pubs. We’ll then all return to the Bell for a few hours of *shudder* socialising, but with decent beer and cider to help things along.

But there’s some reasonably interesting news here. We’ve given in to pressure from some of our guests (Mabel Gubbins, we mean you), and have decided to add a whole new level of excitement to proceedings this year. I know, right? It’s pretty damn exciting.

So what is the exciting thing?

Cake. I mean come on, look at the picture. It was clearly going to be cake.

Yeah yeah, but when and where?

Well, we certainly don’t want to stuff our visitors so much that they won’t be able to drink dance, so it will have to be at the end of the day. We’ve thought this through, as you can tell. Therefore cake will occur between 4pm and 7pm in the Love Lounge at The Bell. There will be no cake before this. This is for your own good. You do not want to over-cake.

Are you about to say, “The countdown continues?”


Follow the event on Facebook for more information.


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Bath Time – six teams, eleven pubs, just two weeks to go!

Can it really be a whole year since the last Bath Time? Of course not. It’s only been fifty weeks, so you’ll have to wait another fortnight before you can once again experience the heady delights of multiple rapper teams in the pubs of Bath.

I must admit though that we’ve got a bit carried away, and have accidentally invited five guest teams this year, namely Bristol’s Locksided, Oxford’s Mabel Gubbins, Sallyport from Swalwell, Bridgnorth’s Shropshire Sharpshins and one of the top two teams from Bath, Sulis.

What about a plan?

Well, because we have so many coming, we’re having to actually produce a Plan this year, and as you all know that is not something that comes naturally to us. Needs must, though, and the plan is as follows:

        Crawl 1       Crawl 2
11:30                              Meet at The Bell
12:00                                      Dance
13:00 Pig and Fiddle Saracens Head
Trinity Griffin
New Inn Bath Brew House
15:00 Salamander Raven
Old Green Tree Star
16:00                         The Bell’s Love Lounge

In order to preserve some sense of mystery and excitement, no team will know which crawl they are on until the day.

So there you are. Come along and watch, heckle if you’re feeling brave, and then buy the dancers a drink because they’ll deserve it. Follow the event on Facebook for any last-minute updates.

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Serious lack of communications effort by Edwin and Martin. Even by their standards. Plus practice.

Northgate's new winter kit

Northgate’s new winter kit

Gosh. 17th February 2018 was the last missive through this old website thingy. There have been various updates via Facebook though, so we have at least made the minimum of effort in keeping you updated and informed as to our movements. Not those ones though.

Assuming of course that you’d like to occasionally hear from us?

Hello? As Pink Floyd once sang “Is there anybody out there?”

We’re between pubs at the moment, we did love practicing at The Curfew, and Dan and Emily were awesome mine hosts and very generous with their upstairs room. But when it came to the toss up between keeping your favourite rapper team in practice accommodation or maintaining the presence of antique and ornate plasterwork on the ceiling below us, it was a very quick decision.

So, it tends to be Bath one week, and Bristol the next. Seeing as only one Northgate member actually lives in Bath, and several live in Bristol, it has been democratically decided that we’ll split the cities, and keep everyone happy.

To that end then, practice next week (18th September) will be held at The Ram in Widcombe. 7:30pm sharp for 2 hours of practice. With proper swords and everything.

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Bristol crawl tonight, and we even have a plan

Following on from our awesome Bath Crawl Without Silver Flame a couple of weeks ago, this time we’ve visiting their home city of Bristol this very night. Silver Flame are in Stratford upon Avon, of course, so there’s no danger of bumping into them.

Breaking with all tradition, we actually have a plan, which can only end in disappointment. Anyway, we’ll give it a go and see how it turns out.

Here we go then, for what it’s worth:

7:30 Canteen
7:45 The Bell
8:00 No. 51 Garden
8:15 Hare on the Hill
8:30 Hillgrove Porter Stores
8:45 Kingsdown Wine Vaults
9:00 The Robin Hood
9:15 Colston Arms
9:30 The Ship
9:45 The Gryphon
10:00 The Hatchet
10:15 Small Bar
10:30 Shakespeare Tavern

There is literally no chance of our keeping to this schedule.

Rumour has it we might just pop into the Apple at the end for a quick cider or two.

If you want to meet up with us, contact us via our Facebook page.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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Mabel Day: no lights broken (in any room we danced in)

We had a lovely visit to Oxford for this year’s Mabel Day, and spent most of our time dancing in various pubs with the splendid Birmingham Rapper.

True to form, and contrary to any silly reputation we might have, we broke literally no light fittings whatsoever in any room we danced in.

There is a rumour (and indeed strong evidence) that a light in a room directly beneath us broke QUITE COINCIDENTALLY whilst we were dancing, but the connection is tenuous at best. As we all know, correlation does not imply causation.

We have only a few things left this year, including the Bradford on Avon carols (listening, not dancing), then a ceilidh down in Hampshire, a day in Bristol and, very best of all, a trip to Bridgnorth to dance with the wonderful Shropshire Sharpshins. We can hardly wait!

In the meantime, please forgive us the woeful lack of updates here. We’ve been busy with two things:

  1. Prep for our AGM next week; and
  2. Working on a new dance. Shh! It’s secret.

The AGM next week means there will be no practice. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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