22nd Anniversary Crawl this Friday: Larkhall beware!

Some of our reasonably attractive fans

Some of our reasonably attractive fans

Northgate have now achieved the ripe old age of 22, or maybe 23. We’ve lost count. To celebrate our advancing age, we’ve decided to do something unique the same this year as we’ve done every year for nearly a quarter of a century, which is to go to Larkhall in Bath and dance in all the pubs that remain open.

As is now traditional, we’ll be joined along the way by many of our fans and followers. We include here a photograph of the marvellous Silver Flame Rapper who will almost certainly not be there on Friday but who are much more attractive than most of the people who will be. Paul, Ron, Pete: we mean you.

Anyway, the crawl starts at 8pm in The Curfew in Bath, then heads into all the pubs in darkest Larkhall before returning to finish at The Star at some ridiculously late hour. Be there.

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