A butcher’s from history, and a pub from the near future

As it’s still early in the year, we thought we’d look back at some of the more unusual things we’ve done over the last quarter of a century. And what better place to start than with dancing behind the counter in a Belgian butcher’s shop?

Why did we dance there? A moment’s thought gives the obvious answer: because the undertaker’s was locked and they couldn’t find the key.

It was a nice place to dance, to be honest, with a great floor, although the sign saying “Zwaard danser €10/kg” did make us a little nervous. Luckily no one was hurt, except Mike who lost his genitals in an accident with the bacon slicer(*).

But you said there’d be a bit from the near future!?!

Indeed we did. We’ll be practising as ever this Tuesday at 19:30 in The Curfew in Bath. See you there.

(*) Insert your favourite Carry-On style joke about the bacon slicer having a lovely personality here.

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