About Northgate

Northgate Rapper are a fine bunch of chaps from Bath and beyond, driven by the twin dreams of rapper sword dancing and alcohol, all with a minimum of one left foot.

We dance both traditional dances and our own and have a reputation for leaving a trail of broken glasses, lights and hearts behind after every pub crawl.

Somehow we still manage not to be barred from any of the pubs in Bath or Bristol, despite each member carrying dangerously sharp swords into them on any number of occasions.

Northgate BreweryNorthgate Rapper is a men’s rapper team based in Bath, and named for the now-demised Northgate Brewery. It was founded nearly a quarter of a century ago in 1991 by Dave Brownbridge, a former Squire of the Newcastle Kingsmen, who had relocated to Bath. Dave, not the Newcastle Kingsmen.

The team initially performed the Kingsmen dance, and indeed entered and won the Open Traditional class at DERT 1996 with a performance of that very dance.

Northgate Sidmouth paradeThe team have since developed their own rapper dances, very often true to the northeastern tradition, although they have an occasional presentation figure with sword ends released from one hand which has been criticised by some purists. Predictably, Northgate care not a jot about this.

Their current dance is non-traditional but very crowd-pleasing, and they plan one day to reintroduce both their signature asymmetrical double somersaults and their spectacular forward tumble finish.

They are unique in the rapper fraternity/sorority by having dancing members from each age bracket from twenties to seventies! Although it’s not easy to spot which is which if you look solely at their behaviour.

They’re always on the look for new male blood. All you need is a desire to wave swords around in a controlled and responsible manner, and of course to experience mild danger.



In summary, Northgate perform predominantly in pubs, are based in Bath, and imbibe the best beer and sweetest cider that Somerset supplies. Also, all associates adore alliteration.



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