And a decision is made. Northgate Rapper will be crawling …………. Bath on Friday. Route and plan TBC.

After all the shenanigans about which beautiful South Western town Northgate Rapper will be crawling on Friday 5th February, it has been decided (i.e. imposed) by our Squire, that we shall be dancing in the pubs of Bath on Friday.

Northgate on telly

Northgate Rapper appear on French television

What this probably means (*) is a start around 7:30pm for 8:00pm at The Curfew and a finish around 11:00pm at The Star, with 8 or so pubs invaded in between. It’s not a bad way to start February to be honest, though Martin is now sulking as he wanted to visit Salisbury to research the finest Wiltshire¬†ale and cider supplies.

We will attempt to keep you updated on the crawl. Young Edwin has downloaded a new app called ‘Periscope’ which allows for live broadcasting. How exciting. And slightly nerdy.

(*) therefore is totally subject to change and the Crawl Squire’s whim



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