Excellent crawl with a few wistful moments

Some reprobates enjoying themselves in The Star

Some reprobates enjoying themselves in The Star

And so Northgate danced their way from Larkhall into Bath for the twenty third consecutive year, comprising as they did a healthy mix of founder members, long-serving members and relative newcomers. We had a jolly good time with much dancing and free beer in some great pubs.

But the distances between those pubs grows each year. Nearly half pubs that we used to have in this crawl but have now closed(*). It’s a sad state of affairs.

Those that remain, however, are on the whole good places to go, with a couple being excellent. They all had a good number of people in them, they all served good beer. The all welcomed us and donated willingly and generously. Many of them gave us free beer. And free snuff.

But something’s been lost. Some of the closed pubs may have been insular, one or two may have been scary, but they all represented the people who used them and gave a place for those people to meet, and talk, and drink, and that’s gone.

But to end on a positive note, the crawl itself was executed with Northgate’s customary vim and vigour, the audiences were great and a most excellent time was had by all. Roll on our 24th anniversary!

(*) The Bladud’s Arms, The Brains Surgery, The Fairfield Arms, Filos, The Porter Butt and The Longacre Tavern. RIP.

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