Anniversary Day of Dance – blast from the past!

Handsome young men

Handsome young men

The first details of Northgate’s Silver Jubilee Anniversary Day of Dance are announced, and it’s promising to be quite an occasion.

It will take place in the beautiful city of Bath (of course) on Saturday 29th October, starting at noon in The Bell.

Many other pubs will be involved, of course, but for now we’re saying nothing more than we’ll be pitching up at The Westgate around 5 o’clock for a quiet pint or two, and will no doubt end up in The Star a bit later on.


We thought this might be a little selfish to keep this to ourselves, so we’ve invited along some friends. From Bristol, the delightful Silver Flame; from London, the unsmiling Thrales and the chirpy Tower Ravens; from Oxford, the redoubtable Mabel Gubbins; and from Bournemouth, Dorset Buttons, who are also in their 25th year.

Wow. This is going to be good. Honestly, we’re spoiling you.

Young Men

And who, you ask, are the young men in the 25-year-old photo?

Back row, left to right: Henry, Ron, Martin, Dave, Brian and Doug.
Front row: Ken and Mike.

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