Anniversary countdown: 2 days to go

Walking Dancing on water

Walking Dancing on water

Where does all the time go? Just two more nights to go before our big Bath birthday bonanza, offering sumptuous cider, dazzling displays of superlative sword-handling, and alluring alliteration. With Northgate, all associates adore alliteration.

Tonight is to be spent in gentle and solitary contemplation, meditating on the oncoming storm. Well, the dancing in thirteen pubs without breaking too many lights, or hearts, or limbs. For Northgate that’ll be easy(*), but the more frail members of the other sides may very well suffer. We lads of Northgate are made of sterner stuff.

(*) except for the lights.

Today’s Photos

Topless rapper

Topless rapper

Today’s first countdown photo is taken in the late 1990s as we danced on a pontoon in the Thames. The pontoon was much narrower than it looked when we first had the stupid idea. Oh, and the spin was bloody scary.

The second photo is from Sidmouth Festival in 1996 and, for some reason, we have sunglasses on and shirts off. Oh, the heady days of youth. Rumour (and indeed truth) has it that the rest of the evening involved young lady morris dancers and a bouncy castle.

The Soundtrack

Findings by Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkware. Lovely stuff.

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