Anniversary countdown: 3 days to go

DERT 1993

Our first DERT, 1993

As our anniversary creeps ever closer, the excitement here in Bath is now palpable, and you could cut it with a knife (metaphorically speaking).

Last night we had a splendid practice, and in our normal spirit of putting on a good show we pretty much ignored our current dances and played around with some new figures, each of which you can be sure will have an “amusing” name. How we will laugh.

Today’s Photo

Today’s countdown photo is from 1993 and captures quite beautifully our first appearance at DERT in Derby. What a charming kit we had! We note that the gentlemen of North British have adopted such splendid waistcoats as part of their apparel and wear it to this very day. They look most dapper.

Anyway, enough of that. We promised the schedule for Saturday, and here it is.

The Schedule


Now, from this it is clear firstly that we’ll be splitting up into groups, and secondly that the first group seems to get an easy time of it.

Anyway, there you go. Come along to the pubs listed here and you can see amazing derring do and buy some sword dancers a drink. See you there!

The Soundtrack

These Gathered Branches by the Foxglove Trio. Quite entrancing, even the bits in Welsh.

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