Anniversary countdown: 4 days to go

In a Belgian butcher's shop

In a Belgian butcher’s shop

Can it really only be four days before the hordes of rapper dancers from the south of England descend upon the fair city of Bath to give dazzling displays of superlative sword-

Yes. Yes it can.

And no one is more excited than the lads of Northgate. We can’t wait for Saturday morning when our friends (and Silver Flame(*)) turn up and strut their funky stuff with blades of death in the gorgeous Georgian streets of Bath. Ooh, exciting.

The Schedule for the Day

We’ve had many people asking for Saturday’s schedule, and as we like to maintain an air of mystery, we’ll publish it tomorrow. However, we realise that too much suspense can be bad for you, so here’s the list of the pubs we’ll be appearing in:

The Ale House, The Barley Mow, The Bell, The Boater, The Curfew, The Griffin, The Hobgoblin, The New Inn, The Old Green Tree, The Pulteney Arms, The Raven, The Westgate and of course The Star.

Only thirteen? We were hoping for more.

Today’s Photo

Today’s countdown photo is from 1995, when the plucky lads of Northgate had travelled to visit their Belgian friends Boerke Naas for much dancing, a crawl of the churches in Sint Niklaas (really) and of course chips with mayonnaise. Oh, and they asked if we’d dance behind the counter in a butcher’s shop, which of course we did. We were only a little scared by the sign reading, “Englische Rapper €5/Kg”. Luckily, no one was hurt. Except for Mike, who lost his penis to the bacon slicer. Lovely girl. (© The Two Ronnies, 1976).

Today’s Soundtrack

Keats by Keats, 1985. I used to love this album, but now realise it’s pretty poor, except for Walking on Ice, which is still OK.

(*) This is a lie. We have no friends, not even Silver Flame, who are legendarily gregarious.

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