Anniversary countdown: 5 days to go

95-knackeredFive days to go until our Silver Jubilee, and preparations continue apace.

Jack the Bag is making last minute arrangements with the pubs, Ioan the Squire is working on his twenty minute presentation on the History of Northgate (including Powerpoint slides and several very funny jokes(*)), and Martin the Money is updating the website and listening to Living in the Past by the awesome Jethro Tull.

In many ways, this is a perfect evening. Especially the music.

The photo above shows the team in the mid 1990s, in the The Bulls Head in Delph, during a Saddleworth Rushcart. From the look of it, the lads had been pulling the cart very hard indeed and no doubt dancing a lot, because frankly, they’re knackered.

(*) This is a lie. Ioan doesn’t have any funny jokes.





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