Anniversary countdown: it’s tomorrow!

Modern times

It’s tomorrow. TOMORROW! All the waiting will soon and the big day will finally be here!

Ahem. Well, we’re glad to have got that out of our system. Suffice it to say that we’re quite looking forward to the arrival of our chums from Silver Flame, Dorset Buttons, Thrales, Mabel Gubbins and Tower Ravens, who are all no doubt as keen as mustard to show genteel, Georgian Bath what they can do with a few bits of sharp bendy metal and some hard-soled shoes.

Now, there are a lot of pubs to dance in tomorrow, so we did some Research. We found out about something called carbo-loading and have decided to give it a try. The current team plus as many old members as we could track down are meeting up for an evening of carbs in both liquid and solid form, courtesy of The Raven, The Star and The Eastern Eye. Surely nothing could put us in a better physical state for tomorrow’s fun!

And speaking of tomorrow, is Bath ready for us?stickman-small

Well yes, of course it is. The lads of Northgate used last Friday as a kind of warm-up and danced in the majority of the pubs to check if they were still up to snuff(*).

(*) This is a lie. We wanted to go on a crawl and this was the excuse.

Today’s Photos

Today we show a couple of photos with the current team getting up to mischief in a selection of Bath pubs. Where did they learn such bad behaviour? The answer may be the two gentlemen in the foreground of this photo:


Today’s Soundtrack

Morris on the Road by Ashley Hutchings. Stirring stuff, and great prep.

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