Bath Chronicle running a campaign for the homeless

A helpful local paper

A helpful local paper

The Bath Chronicle has just started a major new campaign to help out the homeless of Bath.

Well, one group of the homeless, anyway.

Oh, OK then, it’s us.

Since our previous home underwent “refurbishment” to become something more like a sports bar selling Dan’s Nuts (whatever they may be, and indeed whoever Dan may be), we’ve been a little unsettled in our practice venue. We’ve plumped for now on the Assembly Inn, which is an excellent pub with good beer and marvellous cider, but the floor is stone rather than wood and therefore not perfect.

So our search continues for a permanent home, and the Bath Chronicle has offered to help.

Bagman Jack has been interviewed, and described us as “macho morris dancers” with “calves of steel.” I’m sure that will help.

He also managed to get a plug in for our 25th Anniversary Crawl on 29 October.

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  1. Harriet Oldridge says:

    Hello chaps,

    We have a wooden floored room for hire at The Friends Meeting House in York Street which may suit your needs . . . It is an alcohol free venue but if you can practice without beer you are very welcome to get in touch. As it is right in the centre of Bath, there are plenty of hostelries nearby to quench your thirst after rehearsals.

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