Bath Time success: no lights hurt.

And so another year has passed, and another Bath Time has been and gone.

And what a great time it was! Our guests, Mabel Gubbins from Oxford and Shropshire Sharpshins from Bridgnorth, were on great form, and both put on some really top quality shows.

We, of course, were our normal, understated and restrained selves.

Highlights of the weekend include the Sharpshins introducing a plastic bat into their first dance (and nearly a light fitting, too), Mabels smacking one of there own so hard on the head that she could barely walk straight, let along dance, and Northgate eating a giant birthday cake.

It was a very good cake.


Oh, and Richard was four hours later for the start. A new record.

The final tally is twenty seven dances in nine pubs, which much in the way of beer, gin and cake to keep us going. And garlic mayo burgers from Schwartz Bros, of course.

Special call out to our The Curfew which not only opened early for us as a starting point but also fed us in the evening. Many thanks to Dan for his chilli and Emily for her patience!

Do we have to wait a whole year to see you again?

Surely not. We hope to practice this Tuesday, again at the Curfew, but it’s entirely possible we’ll take the week off to recover, so if you’re planning to come along, drop us a line here first to check.

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