Bath Time 2018 – this time with cake!

Unamusing cake pun

An unamusing cake pun

A mere five days separate us from the splendid fun of Bath Time 2018 on Saturday 27 October! Can we wait? Will we cope with the anticipation?

Well, yes, obviously. I mean, we have no choice.

As a reminder of things we’ve already told you, and you’ve already forgotten, we’re starting at noon in The Bell, then heading out on two perfectly-honed crawls round many of our favourite pubs. We’ll then all return to the Bell for a few hours of *shudder* socialising, but with decent beer and cider to help things along.

But there’s some reasonably interesting news here. We’ve given in to pressure from some of our guests (Mabel Gubbins, we mean you), and have decided to add a whole new level of excitement to proceedings this year. I know, right? It’s pretty damn exciting.

So what is the exciting thing?

Cake. I mean come on, look at the picture. It was clearly going to be cake.

Yeah yeah, but when and where?

Well, we certainly don’t want to stuff our visitors so much that they won’t be able to drink dance, so it will have to be at the end of the day. We’ve thought this through, as you can tell. Therefore cake will occur between 4pm and 7pm in the Love Lounge at The Bell. There will be no cake before this. This is for your own good. You do not want to over-cake.

Are you about to say, “The countdown continues?”


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