Booking on Saturday: Ioan and Maddy’s wedding!

How lovely

The couple: partially lovely, partially Ioan

A while ago, we were discussing our upcoming bookings for the year and noticed that this weekend was free.

Now, given that we want to dance as much as possible, we thought that something had to be done, so Ioan got together with the lovely ladies of Silver Flame in Bristol to arrange something special.

He got a bit carried away.

He chose one of them (Maddy, clearly the loveliest of them all), and the two of decided to get married just to give us something to do. Well, we were delighted at his dedication to the team, of course.

And so we now have a booking this weekend: we’re at their wedding!

If you’d like to see us dance, all you need to do is very quickly become good friends with Ioan and get yourself invited along.

For our part, we’ll be revelling in Ioan’s dedication to the team and secretly crying at the gentle beauty of two people committing to each other for life. Mostly though, we’ll be dancing.

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