Bristol Folk Festival: socks, sitting and Silver Flame

Us with Silver Flame

And so we had a splendid day with our chums Silver Flame dancing at the Bristol Folk Festival. We danced in pubs, at the Folk House and on College Green. Oh, and at a wake, which was rather moving.

Sock maintenance

And many interesting things happened, chief among which was Ioan adjusting his sock mid-dance, which got a tremendous reaction from the Society of Hosiery Arrangement Professionals, who happened to be having their annual conference in Bristol that very afternoon. They were said to be “well pleased” with Ioan’s performance, although they added it was slightly spoilt by our insistence on waving steel blades around. This apparently distracted from his “manly performance” and “practised tugging”.

It's been a long day

Alas, it was a long day and for one of us it all became a bit much. Poor Edwin had to have a little sit-down in the middle of a dance. He is reported to be nicely rested now, and recovering well after our ministrations of a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.


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