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Bath Time – six teams, eleven pubs, just two weeks to go!

Can it really be a whole year since the last Bath Time? Of course not. It’s only been fifty weeks, so you’ll have to wait another fortnight before you can once again experience the heady delights of multiple rapper teams … Continue reading

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Bath prepares for mayhem as Bath Time looms

The pubs of Bath are increasing stocks of beer and gin, making sure they have plenty of plasters, and raising their light fittings, and it’s all in preparation for Bath Time tomorrow! As regular readers will know, we’re being joined on … Continue reading

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Three down, two to go: Priddy Folk Festival approaches!

In just over a week, Northgate will be heading down to the delightful Somerset village of Priddy for our fourth festival of the summer. With Bradford, Chippenham and Wimborne Minster festivals behind us, we’re very much looking  forward to this … Continue reading

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Chippenham Festival done, and we’re taking a week’s holiday

We’ve just got back from our weekend playing at the great Chippenham Folk Festival, and we’ve had an amazing time. Over the weekend, we danced somewhere around 45 times, doing rapper, longsword and, in a surprising twist, solo jigs. We ran … Continue reading

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Learn to dance at our workshop at Chippenham Folk Festival!

We’re off to the wonderful Chippenham Folk Festival for the late May Bank Holiday, and we’ve been asked to run a couple of workshops. The first one is on the Saturday at 11:30, and is aimed at beginners. So if you’re … Continue reading

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Practice moves to the Assembly Inn due to Christmas

Look, we understand that it’s hard to get a venue for your Christmas parties when December comes along, but really, do you need to book one in September in our new practice venue to avoid clashes? Yep, that’s right: someone has booked tomorrow night’s … Continue reading

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Ely Folk Festival video… mind the lights!

  So, we took a little trip the other weekend to the delightful Ely Folk Festival, and had a jolly nice time indeed. There are some photos up on Facebook, and at some point we may even get around to uploading … Continue reading

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Pokégate Go takes world by storm: #CatchEmAll

It’s been barely a week since the phenomenon that is Pokégate Go was unleashed upon the British public, and in that time it’s taken the country by storm. In a nutshell, players use their phones to walk around like zombies while trying … Continue reading

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A video from Ioan’s wedding

Wedding videos are normally a little … dull. You know the sort of thing: a bride, a groom, tears and embarrassing family. That’s not really our style. Therefore we offer this: Sorry about what we’re wearing. We’ll get back to our normal kit … Continue reading

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Kit now decided for Wessex Folk Festival

Well, we were all ready for the Wessex Folk Festival this weekend when one of us questioned what we planned to wear. Should we bring out our much-vaunted summer kit? Clearly not. That way lies madness. Nevertheless, much discussion ensued. Those of us who are a … Continue reading

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