Dancing Before Dawn. WARNING: misleading subject line and weak puns ahead

Sorry about the late update on our exploits at the delightful Larkhall Festival on May Day, but we’ve been busy. Not very busy, it must be said, but a little more than normal.

So here it is: Northgate did indeed dance before Dawn but, as we say, this is a little misleading and deliberately so.

In our defence, all this dancing before dawn stuff is all a little morris dancey for us, and to be honest, daybreak is rather too early for our delicate constitutions. However, we were expected to do it and in typical Northgate style we have met the spectacularly ill-defined brief.

We danced before Dawn.Northgate Larkhall Festival 2 (c) Pete Corcoran

The Dawn in question was one of the punters at the Larkhall Festival.

See what we did there?


Anyway, practices have resumed every Tuesday at 19:30 in the splendid Curfew pub in Bath. Come along an enjoy both dancing and some world-class puns.

Photos © Pete Corcoran

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