DERT over, and the boys done good

Yes indeed, the competition at this year’s DERT was fierce, intense and of a higher quality than ever before, but the plucky lads from Bath came through it all, broke only one light, and came third in the championship! Hurrah for us.

Here’s a video of us in full DERT action in The Font in Manchester:

We also won an award for Best Injury (although in fairness this was to a poor light, smashed into a thousand shards by a sword), and more embarrassingly we awarded ourselves our own Rapper Wars Award for the same incident because while it’s clear there was little control involved, there was certainly style, clearly aggression and obviously damage. We’re so proud!

Now that’s all over for another year, we’ve resumed our regular Tuesday night practices, so come on down and visit some Officially Good Dancers at The Curfew in Bath, at half past seven. See you there.

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  1. Jon says:

    Enjoyed seeing you. Took me a while to realise why there was a table in the middle of the floor at the Gaslamp until I realised it was to stop further damage to the lights above.

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