DERT competition

Every year Northgate Rapper attempt to take part in DERT, the Dancing England Rapper Tournament. The dancing comes after the standard bickering about which dance we’ll do, who’s in what position and who’s called Shotgun for the car journey up there.

2018 sees the peripatetic sword-based roadshow taken over the Northern powerhouse that is Sheffield and will be ably run by the women of Sheffield Steel.

You can check out the DERT 2018 website HERE.


Bristol - DERT lush

In 2015, the DERT competition was run in the the marvellous city of Bristol by the the shy and retiring lads of Northgate Rapper (yep, us), and what a splendid event it was.

Yes, we organised it! The pubs of Bristol turned out to be excellent for both rapper and beer. And there were only minor injuries.

What more could anyone want?

A bit about the competition

The Dancing England Rapper Tournament is a continuation of the most significant rapper sword dance competitions that were held in Newcastle upon Tyne, the centre of the coalfields where the dance originated.

The modern annual weekend event, held at different venues in the UK, brings together teams and dancers from around the country and occasionally abroad.

While the element of competition is important, the social aspects are just as fierce. The essential idea behind the tournament was then and is now that teams have to practice well and develop their skills, giving their performance a polish and their audiences a treat.

Please read the rest of the Wikipedia article HERE

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