DERT schedule announced: scrumpy-guzzling Wurzel lovers unite as Northgate spend the day with Silver Flame!

Northgate with Silver Flame, playing in Bristol

The running order for the upcoming DERT competition has finally been announced, and Northgate have struck it lucky: we’ll be dancing round the pubs of Manchester with our Bristol-based friends, Silver Flame! What a treat for all of us.

Clearly the canny northerners running this year’s bash are aware that we yokels from the south-west prefer the company of other scrumpy-guzzling Wurzel fans when travelling abroad, and have made suitable arrangements for us. Let’s hope they’ve got some decent Bath buns in so we have something to eat, and a phrasebook to help us understand what people are saying when we get there.

To help us overcome the inevitable culture shock, we’ve designed an intensive course to translate the exciting, foreign things we’ll be facing into their more familiar counterparts.

We’ve started with music from the two areas. This may not be as easy as we’d hoped. Wish us luck.


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