Eight pubs, eleven dancers and one witch’s breast. It was an unusual crawl.

Boromir tells the truth

original source unknown

And so Northgate met en masse last Friday for our 24th Anniversary Crawl. And this year, we even had a plan with timings and everything!

Not that we paid much attention to it, of course. We met up at the first pub on the list to find that there was some kind of sports thingy on the television, so we gave it a miss and started winging it from that moment on. Much like every other year in that respect.

Over the night we went to eight pubs (well, seven pubs and the Larkhall Liberal Club, which was worth it purely for the witch, her broomstick and her breast), we danced many dances, collected much money, lipstick and beer, and generally had a jolly good time.

Not that the plan added much though. I doubt we’ll try another one.

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