Introducing Ioan McAvoy, Northgate Rapper’s new squire. Cracking the whip at Tuesday’s practice. 


original source – Silver Flame

At our most recent AGM, a certain Mr Ioan McAvoy burst into tears at the thought of losing the election for Squire. The rest of Northgate watched glassily, gauged his stroppy fit on the Kennedy Scale, and decided to see what he’d be like in charge of an elite South West-based band of sword wielding habituees.

Then we remembered he’d left the award-winning Silver Flame and was slumming it with Northgate instead. Happily for him, no one else wanted to be Squire, so after all the abstentions were counted, he was duly elected.

Ioan is turning into some sort of permanent student, still studying in his mid to late twenties at Bristol University. His chosen PhD topic? Roman History. Cue the regular gag: “Romanes eunt domus?”.

Hailing from Borth, wherever that is, Ioan now resides in Bristol with the Silver Flamed fair maiden Maddy. They’re getting married next year and all of Northgate have been told they’ve been invited. Nothing’s arrived in the post yet though.

Ioan plays the melodeon reasonably  well and has impressed the more seasoned of Northgate with his sock pulling up skills, and his chasing around of the spin at the Sidmouth LNE was a joy to behold.

We wish him well in his new role and are looking forward to seeing how he line manages the new Chief Falconer.

Ladies and gentlemen. Our new Squire: Ioan.

Oh yes, nearly forgot,  practice is on tomorrow. Tuesday 7:30 for 8:00 at The Curfew. Bath. Obviously.


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