Kit now decided for Wessex Folk Festival

Tenby, Pembrokeshire

Fashion gurus

Well, we were all ready for the Wessex Folk Festival this weekend when one of us questioned what we planned to wear. Should we bring out our much-vaunted summer kit?

Clearly not. That way lies madness.

Nevertheless, much discussion ensued. Those of us who are a little less well-thatched on top than the others requested, nay demanded, protection for their delicate scalps.

On the other hand, we wanted to keep our trademark white top, long shorts (aka hoggers), socks and shoes.

Therefore we sought out something fresh, something exciting and new which would fit all these criteria. We looked high and low (well, we spent a couple of minutes on Google), and finally found the delightful image you see here.

This was it. This was our ultimate kit: a knowing nod to tradition couple with the required protection for those that need it. We studied the haute couture shown here, the clever use of fabric and colours, of form and function.

And we thought, “Sod it. Dave can buy a hat.”

So come and see Dave, his hat and the rest of us in Weymouth this Saturday, dancing all over the place (but mostly in pubs).

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