Learn to dance at our workshop at Chippenham Folk Festival!


We’re off to the wonderful Chippenham Folk Festival for the late May Bank Holiday, and we’ve been asked to run a couple of workshops.

The first one is on the Saturday at 11:30, and is aimed at beginners.

So if you’re in the Chippenham area over the next bank holiday, and have always hankered after the ability to run with swords in reasonable safety, then come along and meet the lads. We will guide you from Total Beginner to Someone Who Has Danced Rapper A Bit. Who could ask for more?

Details can be found on the festival’s website  or on Facebook.

Bring hard-soled shoes if you have them, and a sense of adventure.

Is there more to come?

Oh yes. Watch this space for more details, which we will be drip-feeding you over the coming weeks to maintain some semblance of intrigue and mystery.

Do we really have to wait?

If you’re super-keen to try this out and want to get ahead of the pack, come along to The Curfew in Bath any Tuesday evening and we’ll be glad to arm with both metaphorically and literally.

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