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Northgate Rapper are a fine bunch of chaps, ably played for by Rhianne and Peter. We wear white collarless shirts, green hoggers, and bright yellow sashes, finishing off this fine attire with white knee length socks and shiny black shoes. Simply a sartorial and visual delight. You can see more of us on our Facebook page. Why not ‘Like’ it whilst you’re there?

We’re always on the look out for new blood dancers. It’s dead easy, a tiny bit macho and hardly dangerous at all. Edwin has never had his elbow, nose or forehead damaged. Ever. And even if he did, he’d man up about it and never, ever complain.

Below you can meet the current dancing team members and find out a little bit about them.

Jack the Squire – Jack has progressed up the ranks from Bagman to Squire, now finding out that Squire does very little except give the rest of the team a shoulder to cry on. He’s known as “Gorgeous Jack” or “Bieber” to his friends and has a penchant for wearing his girlfriend’s underwear. We have the photos.

Jerome the Bagman and joint Choreographer – Having picked up the thankless task of keeping our dancing up to scratch, Jerome has taken to it like a duck to orange sauce. He’s also the team’s practitioner of the forward flip. Ever graceful, he defies gravity with aplomb. He is now also the chap to talk to if you want to book us.

Martin the Bursar and joint Choreographer – Decided enough was enough re: the shoulder to cry on thing (see Jack above), Martin is in charge of the chequebook and accounts too. He works with Jerome on the task of creating the mythical New Dance. He’s also a member of North British, a rapper and longsword team dressing in the most excellent tweed. He’s organised two DERT competitions so far, and promises never, ever to do it again, but then he has said that before.

Rhianne the Head Musician – With multiple musicians, we had to put one of them in charge else there would have been anarchy when they played on crawls. Rhianne comes from playing with a morris side, but has recovered well. On crawls, we just have to follow this simple rule: Do not give her any more than a half pint of Honey’s cider, else there will be anarchy. We have video evidence of this.

Edwin the Webslinger – recently re-elected as co-Webslinger (social media and comms) and issued from the loins of another trad dance family, he prefers rapper to Cotswold and Northwest (aren’t we lucky?). Now returned to Northgate from a treacherous decamp over the water to foreign climes (south Wales), where he set up Taff Rapper; named after the Cardiff river and not the dodgy term for a Welshman.

Peter the Head Falconer – a concertina player par excellence, young Peter doesn’t fancy himself as any sort of dancer and has consistently refused to don the hoggers and sash to join the rest of the boys. Pete was desperate to be appointed as the team’s Chief Falconer, and so he now holds this august post. He hasn’t found the bird yet though.

Joe – Coming from a long line of sword dancers (well, his father and sister), Joe has become a mainstay of our ceilidh spots and festival appearances with his lovely single jigs. Oh, he dances with swords too, of course.

Doctor Ioan – now having stood down as Squire to concentrate on becoming more of a doctor. He clearly misses being in charge of discipline, timekeeping and telling the Chief Falconer to find the damned bird. Plucked from relative musical obscurity with some sort of prize-winning female team, Ioan has more than proved his worth in the usual series of Northgate’s manly challenges; namely bickering during practice and how to keep your socks up during a dance.

Dave – Dave is an ex member of those rapper icons, the Newcastle Kingsmen. He gets a bit grumpy if he has low blood sugar and hasn’t eaten for a while. At university his nickname was Brownfridge. Student japes eh? What larks. Dave has rotated in, out and around all the official team and dance positions, and also dances with Haymarket Rapper; a team for those that know the Kingsmen dance. And are mostly old.

Gus – a young chap firmly ensconced in the traditional music and dance scene in the UK, he got us a prime gig at the awesome Priddy Folk Festival in 2017. Northgate were so pleased at this, we continue to let him dance with us. Interesting fact; his surname is Morrice, and his father’s name is Boris. We love this.

Brian – another ex-Kingsmen member. He occasionally performs as our Betty, but much prefers putting the younger team members to shame with his fancy fleet-of-foot rapper moves. He is the proud possessor of one of Northgate’s two full beards. Recently married to the lovely Nicola, he’s not under the thumb at all. Oh no.

Natasha the Box – sadly as she’s the alternative binary gender, Natasha does not dance with us. More happily for us males however, she is a fine practitioner of the melodeon and even more happily appears to be able to count to 8 repeatedly. Always a useful skill for a rapper musician. Also writes composes tunes for us to dance to.

Lucy the Fiddle – cleansed and birthed in the warming embrace of women’s teams Star and Shadow, and Silver Flame, Lucy now seeks the company of males. And who can blame her?

Henry the Piper – our original musician and a long time Bath legend. Henry is often to be found in the gent’s toilets at the Star on a Friday evening, warming his pipes and entertaining the crowds with traditional tunes. His tweed plus-fours are to die for and his feet are very very wide. He’s currently learning the Punjabi language, very handy to converse with the locals in Bath we think.

Northgate’s ‘resting members’ (i.e. on call when we’re short)

Richard – sometimes known as ‘Young Dick’, Richard is an ex member of NYFTE, i.e. he’s young, skinny and can jump really high. We try to force feed him cider and pies in order to bring him down to our level. Unique among Northgate members, Richard’s arrival time for any event can be accurately predicted: it’s any time after he was supposed to arrive. Current record: four hours late. It’s a kind of genius.

Jonathon – Northgate’s only habituee of the ginger beard, Jonathon is an utter Morris tart. Member of five different sides, we do wish he would put down the hankies and take up our highly polished blades of death on a permanent basis. That said, he did rock Sidmouth 2015 with a Morris jig, and is Northgate’s only authentic Welshman.

Nicol  Recently returned back up North using the frankly disappointing excuse that that’s where his job is, Nicol comes from a trad dance family (rapper, longsword and Northwest morris although thankfully he only dances rapper) and can talk an awful load of rapper bollocks. Competition for Martin then! Also dances with Four Corner Sword and Medlock Rapper.

Will – has finished reading bedtime stories at Oxford Brookes University and is now full time posting Marxist comments on Facebook. We miss his morris-type tunes on his fancy squeezebox. And his big bass shoes. And the way he holds his head on one side. And the halfmast trousers.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we give you Northgate Rapper.

Northgate's 24th anniversary crawl



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