New venue this Tuesday: The Bath Brew House

What a lovely floor

What a lovely floor

This Tuesday sees the second in a series of tests of new practice venues.

This time we’re trying out The Bath Brew House, a splendid pub with its own microbrewery churning out some spectacularly good beers.

We’ll be judging the place on a number of criteria vital to a rapper practice venue, namely:

  1. Quality of floor.
  2. Quality of beer.
  3. Lack of low-hanging light fittings*.

Our previous candidate, The Boater, ranked well on (1) and middling on (2), but did very badly on (3) due to a number of dangling and expensive-looking light bulbs.

Anyway, come along to the Bath Brew House on James Street West at 19:30 on Tuesday night to join in the fun. We’ll even let you play with our blades of death. We are, after all, looking for new blood.

(*) It is entirely possible that this is uniquely applicable to Northgate.

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