Northgate consider blood donation as “a loan”

give bloodIn a stunning turn of events, Northgate Rapper have admitted that they consider blood donation as nothing more than a loan.

A spokesman for the team said, “With sword dancing there’s always the chance of the odd cut, so we bank our blood in advance and make withdrawals as we need them. It’s not as cynical as it sounds: we’re currently several units in credit. Probably.”

A made-up source within NHS Blood and Transplant commented, “This is not unusual with groups in high-risk occupations, and sword dancers are near the top of that list. In general they give more than they take so everyone’s happy.”

The lads from Northgate have recently donated another twenty units in advance of their new season of practices, which starts this Wednesday at 8pm in Bath. See Facebook for details of how to find us and join in with this manly pursuit.

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