Northgate memories of Glastonbury

It’s nice to see rapper appearing at Glastonbury as part of the Demon Barbers show, and if you’re going, make sure you see them! Even the BBC are recommending them. However, they’re not the first rapper team to appear at the festival.

Dancing on the Bandstand Stage

Northgate on the Bandstand Stage

Way back in 1998, Northgate were invited to appear and, despite the fact that Martin’s daughter was but three days old, we duly pitched up and did ourselves proud on the Bandstand Stage and elsewhere, albeit having to dance in wellies due to the flooding.

We were memorably rewarded by Julian Temperley himself with hot, spiced cider before our rather exciting exit, which involved Ron and Martin on the bonnet of a borrowed car, holding on for dear life and weighing down the wheels as Ashley reversed us at ludicrous speeds across fields of liquid mud, overtaking the lesser 4x4s as they spun their wheels in muddy futility, sinking deeper into the ground with each attempt.

A dodgy lock in a festival bar. We'd been there a while...

A pretty dodgy lock in a festival bar. We’d been there a while by now

We went back the next couple of years too, and jolly good fun it was too as we moved between the bars and stages, dancing wherever the fancy took us.

So good luck to the Demon Barbers. Get rapper into a Metallica mosh pit and you will be heroes to us all.


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