Northgate Rapper “perfect” the double tumble just in time to dance with Mr Wilkins Shilling!

In true and proper Northgate fashion, we have introduced a new move 3 days before dancing out in public.

Again. But at least it’s not the night before.

Why do we do it we ask ourselves? Is it now a habit? Do we feel a sense of risk and danger? thinking “yeah man, we can pull it off”?

Pity Sigmund isn’t with us to assist.

So, Saturday. We shall be joining the fair maidens of Mr Wilkins Shilling and other teams to celebrate their birthday.

By dancing and prancing around the fair Georgian City of Barth. 11:30am. Somewhere. We shall be checking their website to make sure we’re not Billy Nomates.

Updates and pics via twitter. In the meantime feast your eyes on this action shot!


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