Northgate Rapper’s 22nd anniversary crawl, starts at the Larkhall in Bath at 8pm. This Saturday!

After another good practice on Wednesday the Northgate boys in moss green and school bus yellow will wend their way through the Georgian streets of Bath on Saturday night.

Starting at The Larkhall at 8pm and finishing at The Star (our spiritual home, and location of complimentary fine Bass ale) sometime before 11pm, Bath’s finest and only sword dancing team will aim to delight pub punters with dizzying displays of superlative swordmanship. And also try not to damage Edwin, our number 3, like wot they did last time.

Feel free to accompany us on our quest-like journey as we save damsels in distress, quench our thirst and dance with swords. not sharp ones. They’re illegal to carry in public.

See you there!

Periodic updates about which pub we’re in next will follow on twitter @northgaterapper

Martin and Mike

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