Northgate to show Silver Flame a good time – Bristol Crawl on Friday

Shy and retiring Silver Flame

Shy and retiring Silver Flame

Following on from the news that Northgate have been asked to spend the day with Silver Flame in Manchester at DERT in a couple of weeks, we decided to give them a trial run first.

So we’re taking them out for the evening in Bristol this Friday. And to make it even more special, we’ll be letting them dance with us in a variety of lovely pubs.

The plan in this:

8pm         The Colston Yard
8:30pm   The Ship Inn
9pm         The Gryphon
9:30pm   The Christmas Steps

…but this is a Northgate plan, and barely worth the paper it’s written on.

Anyway, if the lovely Silver Flame are good enough company, then we’ll let them join us for the day in Manchester.

Let’s hope it all works out.

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