Pokégate Go takes world by storm: #CatchEmAll

Pokégate Go!It’s been barely a week since the phenomenon that is Pokégate Go was unleashed upon the British public, and in that time it’s taken the country by storm.

In a nutshell, players use their phones to walk around like zombies while trying to catch one of the Pokégate characters, each of which is based on one of the members of the Northgate team, from the easily-found Jerdude all the way up to the likes of the rare Jakachu.


The rare Jakachu

The lads are said to be honoured by their inclusion in the game, but are apparently getting a little tired of being chased around Bath by phone-wielding youths shouting, “Throw your balls at them!”

“It’s disturbing,” said Bagman Jack, the model for the Jakachu, “but on the other hand, I’m popular now and that’s new.”

Squire Ioan Jigglypuff added, “It’s possible that at some point we’ll get some royalties from this, but for now the adoration of the young is enough.”

In other news, Northgate continue to practise every Tuesday evening. It is rumoured that they’ll be practising in Bristol next week, just because. Keep an eye on Facebook to find out more.

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