Practice is cancelled so we can bicker at our AGM

Northgate tick!It’s that time again: we’ve spent the last year performing and teaching at festivals, we’ve done crawls, we’ve danced and even had the odd tipple.

But enough. We’re having a break. For one night only, we’re going to have fun instead, bickering like children at our AGM, voting on fantastic motions like “the team believes that we should do 25 crawls to celebrate our 25th anniversary.”


So why are we telling you this? Simple: at three of our last four practices, we’ve been joined by new recruits and also some lovely visitors from other sides, and we’d hate for anyone to turn up tomorrow and be disappointed by seeing no dancing.

On the other hand, if you want to see grown adults squabbling over who should take over the post of Team Falconer, by all means come along.

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