Preparations for Wessex Folk Festival continue apace!

Our chairs await

We’re all getting a little excited.

In a mere fortnight’s time, the lads of Northgate are off to on a trip to the lovely seaside town of Weymouth for their annual appearance at the Wessex Folk Festival, and we can hardly wait.

It’s a good excuse to play on the lovely beach, eat fish and chips, and pig out on as much ice cream as we can stomach. Oh, and there’ll be some dancing too.

This year, we’ve even had our special envoy living among the locals for the last couple of months, with the mission of finding some extra special places for us to dance (by which we means pubs). He has undertaken this task with gusto and serious dedication. Let us hope that his diligent research has paid off.

And so, with only two weeks to go before the festival, it’s back to polishing swords, ironing sashes and knotting hankies. The excitement mounts!

And if you’d like to see that excitement, or join us for general sword-related shenanigans, come along to our practices, every Tuesday night at 19:30 in The Curfew in Bath. Bring some sun cream.

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