Priddy folk Festival – here we come!

We’re short of time this week as we have a lot of prep to do for Priddy Folk Festival this weekend, from the washing and ironing of sashes and shirts to the cleaning and polishing of shoes and indeed the mildly dangerous blades themselves. It’s a hard life.

We take festival appearances very seriously, you see, and don’t leave anything to chance. With the exception of Edwin’s arrival time.

And in between all that preparation, we have to make time to watch awesome fellow rapper dancer Tom as he continues to crush all opposition on Countdown! What a guy.

Anyway, we consequently have no time for witty repartee and amusing innuendos this week, so that’s your lot, except to say you can meet us tonight at 19:30 in The Curfew in Bath, where we’ll let you handle our shafts*.

(*) Well, perhaps a little bit of innuendo after all.

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