Summer holidays draw to a close… practice returns soon.

We've still got it

We’ve still got it

As Northgate’s summer holidays draw to a close, and the last few festivals take place, the lads begin the long return to Bath from across the world. England, Wales, South Africa and Japan have all been graced with our presence, and soon it will be time to come home.

We’ve also been at various festivals in various guises this year, from South to North, from West to East, yet we all feel the strong pull of Bath’s siren song calling us back to where we belong. A sad tear on departure perhaps, but certainly a happy homecoming.

And there’s even more to come this year. We have our upcoming visit to London with the splendid Thrales Rapper, and even more importantly on our own Silver Jubilee celebrations, as we invite not one, not two but many teams to join us dancing in the pubs in Bath. Oh yes, and don’t forget our 25th Anniversary Crawl!

Wow. So much to look forward too.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that our summer holidays are coming to an end and we will be returning to practice on Tuesday next week. Our secret new venue will be announced in due course.

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