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Three down, two to go: Priddy Folk Festival approaches!

In just over a week, Northgate will be heading down to the delightful Somerset village of Priddy for our fourth festival of the summer. With Bradford, Chippenham and Wimborne Minster festivals behind us, we’re very much looking  forward to this … Continue reading

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Fully recovered, practice is back, then Wimborne Minster Folk Festival!

Following the punishing (and mostly self-inflicted) dance schedule we had at the amazing Chippenham Folk Festival, the lads of Northgate decided to take  last week off. Sadly, this meant we missed both a beer practice at The Curfew and a chance to … Continue reading

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Learn to dance at our workshop at Chippenham Folk Festival!

We’re off to the wonderful Chippenham Folk Festival for the late May Bank Holiday, and we’ve been asked to run a couple of workshops. The first one is on the Saturday at 11:30, and is aimed at beginners. So if you’re … Continue reading

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DERT over, practice resumes

So DERT happened, and it was a jolly good time in the beautiful town of Kendal, somewhere up north. We enjoyed it immensely, and of course, we was robbed, but that’s par for the course. So busy were we that … Continue reading

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OFFICIAL! Candidate replacement for Stickman!

In this post-truth age, we have decided that we need to move on from our old fashioned and frankly old hat stickman logo. After an intense and prolonged seven minute trawl of the internet, we’ve decided on a new candidate, and we … Continue reading

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Practises galore and a safety moment with lights

We’ve been extra busy since the new year, keen as we are to burn off the extra calories taken in over the festive season. Back again in The Curfew, we’ve been playing with blades like nobody’s business, and we’ll be back there on … Continue reading

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Twas the week before Christmas… so it’s time for a crawl!

The lads and lasses of Northgate have come over all festive, but were feeling a little despondent that we’d cancelled practices for the rest of the year, and had already begun to miss each other terribly. Christmas can be a lonely … Continue reading

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Oxford Sunday, practice Tuesday: mind the lights!

We’re going on our yearly trip to Oxford to join the redoubtable Mabel Gubbins on their annual day of dance, and we could scarcely be more excited. It all kicks off in the Royal Blenheim at noon, and after several hours of pub-related … Continue reading

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Practice is back in The Curfew!

After many months of living on the streets, Northgate are finally returning to The Curfew! The pub, now owned by the enthusiastic and capable Emily and Dan, has been refurbished throughout in a manner which has preserved the most important aspects of … Continue reading

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Anniversary countdown: it’s tomorrow!

It’s tomorrow. TOMORROW! All the waiting will soon and the big day will finally be here! Ahem. Well, we’re glad to have got that out of our system. Suffice it to say that we’re quite looking forward to the arrival of … Continue reading

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