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Threesome super injunction: we name those involved!

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the super injunction gagging the press in the hopes of keeping secret the names of those involved in a certain threesome. We do not agree with such censorship, and are therefore taking it upon ourselves to shine the disinfectant of daylight onto … Continue reading

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BBC admits mistake and names new Top Gear team, and there’s a chance to meet them on Tuesday!

A week or two ago, the BBC issued details of the new Top Gear team, including ex-Friends start Joey LeBlanc, whoever he is. Reports have now surfaced showing that this was a naught but a ruse to put people off the scent … Continue reading

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And a decision is made. Northgate Rapper will be crawling …………. Bath on Friday. Route and plan TBC.

After all the shenanigans about which beautiful South Western town Northgate Rapper will be crawling on Friday 5th February, it has been decided (i.e. imposed) by our Squire, that we shall be dancing in the pubs of Bath on Friday. … Continue reading

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Practice Tuesday, crawl Friday, practice Saturday… Crikey.

It’s a non-stop whirlwind of delight for the lads of Northgate this week. Tuesday sees us practising as normal from 19:30 at the glorious Curfew in Bath. Friday night is something of a mystery: we’re going on a crawl, but haven’t yet … Continue reading

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Northgate Rapper enter 2016 with an epiphany, taking up arms for practice on Tuesday.

After a wet and windy Christmas break spread across numerous geographical locations, Bath’s finest will be back in action on Tuesday with their famous blades of death. Not as weapons of mass destruction, but as tools for the creative art … Continue reading

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Rapper makes us happy

The lads of Northgate spent a splendid day in Oxford on Sunday, dancing as guests of the lovely, gin-soaked ladies of Mabel Gubbins Rapper, and this made us very, very happy. It also fired up the Xmas atmos within us, as you can … Continue reading

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The Bath chaps of Northgate Rapper practice again. And again. And again but faster.

Bit of a shorter, more inclusive update this week. Just simply to say there’ll be 7 Bath chaps fair and true pounding the floorboards upstairs at The Curfew, BA1 5DG from 7:30pm on Tuesday night. Yes, that’s tomorrow. As an … Continue reading

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Well, that went well. Northgate Rapper’s Chief Falconer re-elected at the AGM. And other such nonsense.

After a worrying lack of a 2014 AGM, Northgate’s boys and girl managed to get through a mountain of business without too much bickering or quibbling. The Curfew did us proud with the loan of a room, a large wooden … Continue reading

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Anniversary Crawl – A Plan, starting at Bladud’s Head 8pm Friday

We now have a plan for Friday’s 24th Anniversary Crawl, and it’s a classic. Well, actually it’s a credible list of pubs coupled with barely-believable times. To be honest, you can trust only the first and the last of those times, and to … Continue reading

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Practice tonight 8pm sharp

Yes, with a rather weak sword-related pun, we remind you that the lads are practising this very day at 8pm in The Curfew in Bath. Come along, watch us throw some shapes and then apply bandages to the wounds.

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