Twas the week before Christmas… so it’s time for a crawl!

The lads and lasses of Northgate have come over all festive,┬ábut were feeling a little despondent that we’d cancelled practices for the rest of the year, and had already begun to miss each other terribly. Christmas can be a lonely time for a rapper dancer.

Luckily, Natasha is so dedicated to the team that she has decided to become a year older this week just to give us a reason for a crawl. That’s team spirit.

And so we’ll be going on a little celebratory crawl on Tuesday night, starting in our fantastic practice venue, The Curfew, at 19:30.

We’ll be joined by an extra-special Birthday Team, created just for this crawl. We are confidently expecting them to be wearing a special kit on the night, and very much look forward to seeing them in their birthday suits.

So come along on Tuesday night for a fun-filled festive frolic throughout Bath!


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