Well, that went well. Northgate Rapper’s Chief Falconer re-elected at the AGM. And other such nonsense.

Northgate AGM

Not our AGM (source – www.pchembc.ca)

After a worrying lack of a 2014 AGM, Northgate’s boys and girl managed to get through a mountain of business without too much bickering or quibbling. The Curfew did us proud with the loan of a room, a large wooden table, appropriate chair facilities and a delicious sufficiency of beer.

Martin presided sagely over the order of business with young Edwin as his scribe, and cracked the whip as appropriate. On the agenda were such items as DERT attendance and why we would go, why is Jack so rubbish at playing pool, hosiery hold-ups along with other kit conundrums.

After the 2013 minutes had been approved without too much trouble, Martin outlined the Squire’s, Bag’s and Treasurer’s Reports. Many fine rapper dances were done in lots of pubs in the South West and beyond, a great and visible series of performances at Sidmouth Folk Festival achieved, 3 new dancers and a musician (possibly 2) recruited over the last few months, monies in the bank account and much positive feedback from DERT 2015 dancers received. All in all, a great year for Northgate.

Chief Falconer

(source – Ed Schipul)

Elections came next, with Ioan as Squire, Jack as the Bag, Nicol as Choreographer, Martin as Bursar/Treasurer and Edwin as Webslinger (social media and comms) seeing Northgate Rapper through into their 25th year of dancing. Martin was also elected to the ancient and honourable title of Chief Falconer. A position not filled for many a year, mainly due to the lack of someone suitable for the role. Martin’s first task will be to find the damn thing, as it took wing many moons ago.

Along with the previous holder of the title. The outfit is not optional.

Manchester’s¬†DERT 2016 will be attended and we’ll attempt to live up to a Mabel’s comment: “I like¬†watching Northgate dance, it’s like living on the edge, you never know what’s going to happen”. Except we’ll be better than that.

Topics like recruitment, kit, future bookings, dance standards, musicians playing together and lots more were also discussed. In fact too many and at too great a length to reasonably write about here.

Northgate's 24th anniversary crawl

Northgate Rapper – our photo

To surmise then; Northgate Rapper are a men’s sword dance team in pretty good health. There’s a good mix of very experienced dancers with plenty of vibrant, muscular young (ish) chaps in the team, Recruitment has been good, and we’ve now more than one musician. We were very visible at Sidmouth and at DERT, and our public stock seems good. There’s some cash in the bank and some very nice bookings in the bag for 2016.

Which is also our 25th year of dancing! Much sport and celebrations will ensue, so watch this space for details and how to take part.

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