What we looked like in History

derby 1993

Northgate at DERT 1993 in Derby (source unknown)

For the want of anything better to tell you today, we thought we’d do Some History and show you what we looked like when we appeared at the very first of the modern DERT competitions.

This was 1993, in Derby.

And what a beautiful kit we had! Lovely waistcoats, each one more delightful than the one before. Which team today has such style¹?

You see here, from left to right, Ken, Brian, Dave, Doug, Ron and Martin, several of whom are still with us today, albeit with more distinguished hair.

Do you want to be History? Then come and join us at The Curfew in Bath, Tuesday night, 8pm. Look us up on Facebook for more details.

¹ North British, that’s who. Except they are altogether more gentlemanly in the rest of their dress.


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