Bath Time 2018 – The countdown continues!

Bath Time

Us on telly

Bath Time 2018 is nearly upon us, with just two days to go until six teams come up to three hundred miles to dance in eleven pubs over seven hours. The countdown continues!

And that gives us the chance to steal Tom Chafer-Cook’s thunder and appear on Countdown ourselves! It’s all very exciting.

Do you have any news on who dances where?

Yes indeed we have.


Oh right. OK, so:

Crawl 1 comprises Shropshire Sharpshins and Mabel Gubbins.

Crawl 2 is made up of Sallyport and Sulis.

What of Northgate and Locksided?

Good question! Well, to give us chance to dance with all the teams, Northgate will spend the first two dances on Crawl 1, and the rest with Crawl 2. Locksided will, to keep the balance, do similar but opposite.

Is that not unnecessarily complicated?

Yes. But if you’re going to force us to make a plan, we’ll overdo it.

And when are you starting?

Oh, by Hawking’s Wheelchair, pay attention! Noon in the Bell, on Saturday. Follow the event on Facebook.

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