Bath Time – “Final” plan revealed! And it’s tomorrow!


Oh, how very exciting: Bath Time is tomorrow, and here is the “final” map showing the crawls! And more than that, we’re even giving you a list of who is dancing where.

We’re spoiling you, you know that right?

The important things to note are that we start and end at the same pub, the splendid Bell┬áin Walcot Street, and everyone will dance there both times. Not at the same time though: that’s clearly just poor use of language and would just be silly, and if there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s not being silly.

And breaking lights. We’re known for breaking lights, too.

Anyway, back to the day itself: we’ll be meeting at the Bell at 11:30, and everyone will be dancing from noon onwards (see above for disclaimer on our sloppy language here). After this, we’re splitting into two groups, each of which will go on a delightful and unstressful crawl around the pubs of Bath, before meeting up again at the Bell where everyone will dance once more (see above for running joke).

So who’s dancing where?

12:00 Bell Everyone
13:00 Pig and Fiddle Northgate, Mabels, Sharpshins Saracens Head Locksided, Sulis, Sallyport
Trinity Northgate, Mabels, Sharpshins Griffin Locksided, Sulis, Sallyport
New Inn Locksided, Mabels, Sharpshins Bath Brew House Northgate, Sulis, Sallyport
15:00 Salamander Locksided, Mabels, Sharpshins Raven Northgate, Sulis, Sallyport
Old Green Tree Locksided, Mabels, Sharpshins Star Northgate, Sulis, Sallyport
16:00 Bell Everyone

Notice the timings: the only ones which are fixed are the starting times and the 3pm one: because of the rugby, these pubs cannot be danced in until then. Ooh, planning!

Wait a minute: you said “final” with quotes around it. Why?

Have you met us?

Fair enough. Where can we find more information?

Follow the event on Facebook. There may even be updates on the day, and perhaps even on Twitter. Look out for #BathTime2018, just in case we bother to use it.

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