Bath Time – six teams, eleven pubs, just two weeks to go!

Can it really be a whole year since the last Bath Time? Of course not. It’s only been fifty weeks, so you’ll have to wait another fortnight before you can once again experience the heady delights of multiple rapper teams in the pubs of Bath.

I must admit though that we’ve got a bit carried away, and have accidentally invited five guest teams this year, namely Bristol’s Locksided, Oxford’s Mabel Gubbins, Sallyport from Swalwell, Bridgnorth’s Shropshire Sharpshins and one of the top two teams from Bath, Sulis.

What about a plan?

Well, because we have so many coming, we’re having to actually produce a Plan this year, and as you all know that is not something that comes naturally to us. Needs must, though, and the plan is as follows:

        Crawl 1       Crawl 2
11:30                              Meet at The Bell
12:00                                      Dance
13:00 Pig and Fiddle Saracens Head
Trinity Griffin
New Inn Bath Brew House
15:00 Salamander Raven
Old Green Tree Star
16:00                         The Bell’s Love Lounge

In order to preserve some sense of mystery and excitement, no team will know which crawl they are on until the day.

So there you are. Come along and watch, heckle if you’re feeling brave, and then buy the dancers a drink because they’ll deserve it. Follow the event on Facebook for any last-minute updates.

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