Bath’s Northgate Rapper attempt to plan an AGM, write a new dance, and drink real ale. 

Good job we’ve all been so well trained by our other halves in the mysterious art of multitasking. Otherwise it would be a proper poor show and no mistake.

After various internal debacles, one of Northgate suggested we reinstate the organisational tool known as a Meeting. Not just any meeting, but a General one. Held Annually. We used to have these until someone left, and now is definitely the time to congregate again.
DERT registration has now occurred, after receiving a call from Medlock asking “WTF are Northgate?”. So rather than bore you rigid with the lacklustre pastiche of Northern sword dancing that passes for rapper in these pansy Southern parts, we’re going to write something muscular. And Northern.

Plus we’re gonna make plans for Mabel Day, Weymouth and Ely Folk Festivals, Silver Flame japes and so much more.

It’s a wonder we’ve any time for practice!

The Curfew, upstairs from 7:30/8. There’s a rumour that the mighty Leddy is down these parts on some sort of musical adventure, so he might pop his head round. Possibly.

source – David’s Facebook page


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