Bath’s Northgate Rapper head back to university to dance at Mabel Day in Oxford. 

Even if Northgate’s alma mater is the highest university above sea level, it doesn’t stop them getting some extra-curricular dancing amongst the dreaming spires of Oxford University.

Technically this isn’t true, as they’ll actually be in the pubs of Oxford with Mabel Gubbins Rapper and other assorted sword dance teams, taking part in Mabel Day on Sunday 6th December.

Mabel Day is much fun and a friendly day of rapper dance culminating in a dance off and much cake and gin consumption.

It all kicks off at 12 noon in the Royal Blenheim in Oxford city centre. If you’re that way inclined, the boys of Northgate would be happy to accept a drink and your applause as they twist, turn and tumble with their highly polished blades of death.


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