Bristol Crawl: Details? You’re talking to the wrong people

Potential pubs (possibly)

Potential pubs (possibly)

As previously reported, we are on Saturday abandoning the fair city of Bath for a short trip down the road to visit her more disreputable sister city Bristol, wherein we shall dance the night away in as many pubs as we can manage before the last train back.

We’ve been asked by many people (some of them in the team itself) for a sort of “itinerary” or “plan” for the evening. Well, really. Do we look like the sort of people who plan things? Or work them out to the last minute detail? Hardly.

However, given the number of people wanting to join us throughout the evening, we’ve decided to go against our principles and put together a rough map of what may very well be our route. You’ll see here no timings, no promises and certainly no guarantees.

What we will guarantee is that we’ll start at the Beer Emporium in King Street at 4pm, and we’ll add a promise that whatever follows will involve steel, beer, and vigour aplenty.

There’s a rough map here. You can trust it if you like.

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