Bristol crawl proves that (sometimes) a plan might be useful

A famous bridge in Bristol

A famous bridge in Bristol

So for all our bravado, perhaps it might have been better to have a plan for Saturday’s crawl of Bristol. Oh sure, the pubs were superb and the punters therein were extremely enthusiastic and welcoming, but perhaps the lack of a plan might have cut down on the number of pubs we did. Oh yes, and perhaps it would have been worth checking that all the pubs were still open before we turned up.

Nevertheless, it was a fantastic crawl, visiting two DERT pubs (The Beer Emporium and The Shakespeare Tavern), rediscovering some old favourites on St Michael’s Hill, and discovering a lovely German-themed bar, The Bavarian Bierhaus.

If you want to find out what you missed, check us out on Facebook or Twitter, then follow it up in reality. We practise every week at 8pm on Tuesday nights at The Curfew in Bath.

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